Zombiepox v1.1_

Time to feed the zombies!


  • Zombies!
  • Simple yet challenging
  • Funny sound effects


  • Graphics aren't too hot


It's been a good few years for zombies - they are definitely the monster of the moment. Zombiepox is an amusing addition to the catalogue of action zombie games.

There are no shotguns or chainsaws in Zombiepox; in fact, the task on each level isn't to kill zombies, but to turn them back into humans. This is done by throwing a human brain at them! Where these brains come from, it's best not to ask... It's approaching midnight, and you need to create a human defense big enough to survive through the night.

It looks like an early 90s game, but is pretty playable. When you get caught by a zombie, if there is a spare brain lying around, you can eat it to return to a human state. While in Zombie mode, the controls are reversed, to make things a bit harder. When you're close to a zombie it will follow you, allowing you to drop a brain in its path, thus saving it.

The action gets pretty frantic, and while it would benefit from improved graphics, the sound effects are pretty funny, and it doesn't get boring. It is a shame that dying means starting level one again.

Zombiepox is a fun way to spend a few minutes, and is should be challenging enough for most gamers



Zombiepox v1.1_

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